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Who are we

Better Project Delivery was formed in 2020 with a single founding goal:
To deliver projects faster, more efficiently, more effectively and more transparently. To look back on every day with pride, knowing that we have chased every opportunity and done the right thing.
Drawing on years of experience from working across Major Projects in the UK, our team holds expertise across the project delivery lifecycle. From concept designs, through to planning, cost estimating, project and programme management, handover and final acceptance, our team promises to drive the results you need.
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Our Mission

Major Infrastructure Projects in the UK have lost their way. Framed by the Engineering greats of the past, who pioneered tools, technologies and industry standards, the industry has stagnated. 
For too long, projects across the UK have suffered from poor productivity, poor planning and poor management, resulting in project delays and cost overruns. The industry has failed to grasp the opportunities presented by the 4th Industrial Revolution to update working practices, methods of manufacture and management approaches. Project Managers struggle to grapple with projects of an unprecedented magnitude with the same tools they had ten years ago, and all the while, Commercial relationships become stained in legal disputes, contractual wrangling and disillusionment across the entire delivery chain. There has to be a better way; there is a better way.
Introducing full transparency throughout the entire project delivery lifecycle by utilising project data analytics  and cloud based data capture systems is a fundamental building block for Better Project Delivery. Enabled with this approach, live information from site can be utilised by project leaders. All the information, in the right place, at the right time, ready to inform management decisions.
The BPD approach introduces analytical tools throughout each stage of project delivery. In doing so, invaluable data, normally confined to siloed project controllers and planners becomes an every-day tool for Project Managers. Productivity issues can be highlighted quickly; opportunities to streamline delivery can be identified and de-risking activities can be realised.
BPD commits to a paradigm shift in project delivery approaches, enabling full transparency from design through to delivery. 
Increased Transparency, Improved Management, Better Project Delivery.


Easy to say; Difficult to deliver.
Our experience shows a large disconnect between concept, design, delivery and handover. Individual project phases are addressed in isolation, with little consideration for subsequent works. This means that the systems used to control, monitor and administer works in each project phase also exist in isolation. Achieving the transparency required to inform prudent decision making in this environment is impossible.
Our approaches draw upon years of experience and exposure to projects across different industries and at different phases of the project lifecycle. Integrating this knowledge with requirements from each user in the project data chain yields ultimate transparency. With these foundations, the data we produce is clean, accurate, robust and actionable. 
Full transparency, full accountability, any time, any place. It’s just Better.

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